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Tap your phone to an Art ID tag, and provenance, authenticity, virtual galleries, and the art community are at your finger tips.

Physical NFTs are tags that are affixed to real world objects, which link the object to information stored on a blockchain. Some companies use QR codes, while others, like, use NFC chips.

Different physical NFTs can also use various methods to verify that the physical NFT tag and data on the blockchain are uniquely paired. As examples, one company uses small panes of broken glass, while another uses a chemical analysis of the object.

In contrast,’s patent pending Physical NFT tags take a more crypto-centric approach, storing blockchain related information about the contract, wallet, and token (digital NFT), as well a PGP signed message on the NFC chip, so we can securely and strongly connect a tagged physical object with a digital NFT.

Their Physical NFTs tags come in a variety of styles. More on the website.

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