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We are a consortium across the full spectrum of the art environment bringing together artists, artist estates, art historians, curators, advisors, dealers, commercial galleries, art-tech companies, non-profit organisations, museums, insurers, lawyers, valuation experts, collectors...

We have joined forces to develop a universal standard enabling to attach a unique identifier to each artwork.


We are leveraging blockchain technologies to anchor these unique identifiers in an unalterable distributed ledger and to enable the deployment of verifiable credentials.

Art Identification Standard is a not-for-profit initiative.

About AIS: About

Ideas are easy. Implementing one is much harder.

To have been involved from the very beginning of AIS, I am both proud of the collective successes to date of AIS and acutely aware of the long road ahead of us not just to introduce the right standards globally but also to get these standards adopted for the long run.

I have full faith in the ongoing, extensive benefits that AIS has provided and will continue to deliver to the art world.

Marianne Magnin, Executive Chair

About AIS: Executive Chair word


AIS is a non-for-profit organisation.

About AIS: Governance


Who We Are

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Kurt Pritz is a Director at the ART domain name registry. He has partnered with them in the development of several innovative domain products including Art Digital Twin (which associates cultural objects with domain names and was awarded a US patent), the coupling of domain names with blockchain transactions and NFTs, and domain valuation algorithms.

He joined AlS near its outset as a legal advisor and contributed to the creation of its founding documents.

About AIS: Board


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AIS asks all members to take an active role in ensuring the quality and reputation of the association.

  • Inclusion
    AIS welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. AIS cares about the wellness of its members, staff and volunteers and promotes an environment where every contribution is valued.

  • Borderlessness
    AIS is a worldwide association working as a consortium, growing internationally and reaching global stakeholders.

  • Sustainability
    AIS aims to grow and reach its mission with sustainable processes, deliverables and impacts.

  • Uniqueness and Efficiency
    The association works on the assumption that efficiency thrives in collaborative ecosystems that are optimised for the identification of unique assets.

  • Responsibility and Accountability
    AIS acts responsibly in the use of resources, in working tasks, and is accountable to its members and the art ecosystem for the decisions taken.

  • Leadership
    AIS is challenging the art ecosystem as much as welcomes being challenged by it. 

  • Creativity and Innovation
    Art and Technology are a vehicle for positive change. AIS aims to foster and listen to new and creative perspectives on the full spectrum of the art and technology ecosystem, laying the framework for new possibilities.

  • Empowerment and Participation
    AIS seeks to create collective value and a sense of empowerment for its members, supporting participants in the art ecosystem.

  • Transparency
    AIS seeks to transparently take decisions and to secure a trustworthy system and solutions for customers and stakeholders.

  • Democracy, Consensus and Respect
    AIS pays attention to its members' opinions and believes in respect, consensus building and a democracy of vote.

  • Data sharing and Integration
    AIS promotes the sharing of non-personal data. The more data is produced and shared, the more it creates value for the network.

  • Honesty

AIS’s vision is fundamentally one of trust and value, and at its very core, respectful conduct and the willingness and ability to learn. To fully and meaningfully honour and discharge its responsibilities, all AIS members, individual and corporate, have a duty of candour and utmost good faith in their dealings with others.

About AIS - Our Values
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